Committee of Knights of the Royal Oak

Dear all fellow Knights

As you will be aware, our Grand Master is handing over the reigns of the order due his health condition, but he is still incredibly committed to the ideals for which the Order was founded.  With that in mind, he has asked me to run the Order and to establish the Committee so we can proceed to move the order forward and to pursue the ideals he holds so strongly.

In order to establish the Committee I would suggest we establish a board of 5 people as has been proposed with a plan to which we all aim to work towards for the next three years.  I see on the forum that there has been some volunteers in this regard already.  Once we have the Committee established with a purpose selected then I believe we can move the Order forward and also keep the members excited and proud of the Order, which the Grand Master has created and which we are all participants.

With that in mind can I ask anyone who is keen to volunteer to confirm by replying to this invitation with a brief summary of what you would like to see the Order achieve in that timescale.  I will then endeavour to contact you and determine a plan to which we can commit for the next three years.

I look forward to hearing from you (and indeed speaking with you) shortly.

Joe Hallett

KRO – Grand Cordon

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