Adam Allan


Adam Allan

Titles Held

Lord Ravensden





As human beings it is in our nature to be afraid from birth and have primal fears; of being alone and the fear of failure most obviously. It is fear that limits life's possibilities both professionally and personally. My parents taught me at a very young age to embrace life's failures, have a strong work ethic, learn lessons from knock backs and continue with a positive attitude in order to overcome any tasks life throws at you. I always took the mindset that as i have little there is really nothing to lose in having a go, try new experiences and ultimately anything is possible if you don’t quit. This mindset has helped me become the first in my family with an honours degree in business, have growing success in international business and become Lord Ravensden. I aim to be a further example to my family with age and give back to society where and when possible.

International business, film, travel, fine dining, family, football and physical exercise.

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