Alexander Linden George


Alexander Linden George

Titles Held

Lord of Ughall and Whelmstone Baron de Nagygyorgy


Ormond Beach, Florida, USA


United States

I've always been one to say that life is a bit of an obstacle course. We are presented with challenges that we must overcome. Our performance dictates whether we fail or succeed. We're given plenty of opportunities to thrive, or to fail. At the end of the day, life is a testament to our achievements. The Good Lord gave us the ability and fortitude to solve problems. I humbly believe that he likes problem solvers.
Some challenges may be difficult and arduous. The ones that really test us are the truly monumental endeavours. These do indeed define our character. Whatever our walk of life, we must always fight to overcome negativity. Anything can be overcome with a positive mindset, dignity, and strong values. Pain is a necessary evil. Sadly, no one is spared.
Having lost my parents at an early age, I humbly feel that I am a "survivor". I grew up with every advantage in life. Due to unfortunate circumstances, these were taken away before I became a young man. Nevertheless, I did what had to be done. None of it was simple. Life gives one a lot of tests, and I was no exception...
I put myself though college by working three jobs. I had no student aid (my grades weren't good enough), or perks of family wealth. My academic achievements might be defined as "mediocre". So be it! I obtained a business degree and tackled life!
I'm proud to have served in various roles in throughout my career. Most of the opportunities were earned with sweat and tears. Some came via a rare blessing of luck. I've served in the private and public sectors. I'm proud of my diplomatic service, my participation in politics, my degrees, and success in the business world. These pale in comparison to the cause that is closest to my heart!
I am most proud of my participation in helping fund the advancement of cancer research. There are many great organizations that raise money for this tremendous cause. My contributions are small compared to those made by wealthy individuals. Nevertheless, I hope I've made a difference as a fundraiser and volunteer. Having lost my mother and two uncles to cancer, I feel that I must help. I must do everything I can to kill this horrible disease.
Each of us have a cause. Each of us, deep down, want to help people who are ill or otherwise unfortunate. Believe me, it doesn't take much! Speak with your Vicar, speak with charity groups, or speak with community leaders. There is so much we can do to help our neighbours and friends. This comes from the heart of one who considers himself "conservative". I mean what I say! Anyone can make a truly positive difference in the world.

History, Aviation, Swimming, Reading, and Wine.

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