Alistair Devlin


Alistair Devlin

Titles Held

6th Baron of Cainhoe


Birmingham, West Midlands



Discipline, commitment and passion form the foundation to any success.
With these I have managed to pursue a lifetime of sporting success. There has been no substitute for hardwork, with which I have achieved a British record and a World record in weight-lifting.
One of my proudest moments was holding the Union Jack after having my British Record confirmed.
But success has not dullened my ambitions but in fact stoked the embers! I am currently training with at least two more records in mind.
Regardless of whether or not I succeed, it is always the journey of self-betterment that counts most.
I have also trained multiple individuals over the years to achieve their own potential. Building an individual's confidence is its own reward.

Chess, Powerlifting, Nature, Botony and Gardening

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