Allan Le Roux


Allan Le Roux

Titles Held

Prince of Bellaprima, Baron of Renda and 7th Baron of Aldington




United Kingdom

We can only understand and plan our future and the purpose of our future if we understand our history and the influences that have placed us where we are today.
We are ancient spiritual beings on earth having a temporary human experience and if we believe in the Most-High as the creator of all things, each human being has a purpose of creation. Decisions, influences and actions made by our parents and forefathers can and will alter our destiny, and it is therefore of the utmost importance to understand our history before embracing our purpose of creation and plan our future. Planning our future is an understanding of our history and purpose, knowing the one will always influence the other.
We recognize that our decisions and choices of today, affect our future tomorrow and we will face the decisions we make today and the consequences of those decisions being good or bad, sometime in the future.
Our activities and influences extend far beyond the boundaries of our own environment and so does our responsibility to one another. Considering the needs and interests of those affected by our choices, activities and influences.
Having the understanding that the world was created for a specific purpose and operates under the mandate of those who were given the authority to make those decisions and how these decisions will affect our future. Having a culture that generates trust and honesty that values the inputs of all those that contributed, ultimately will create security.
Knowing the economies of the world are connected, so are the people and their decisions, consequences which could make us all defenceless. We can only prepare ourselves for the known and pray we survive the unknown. World economies and communities rely on each other for survival and future stability, but each decision starts with each household. The stability in each household brings stability in communities, provinces, countries and ultimately, the world.
Recognizing the responsibility to preserve the environment for our future generations, we address both environmental and social issues when taking steps to improve the environmental footprint throughout the world.
Assuming this broad spectrum of responsibility in society and the understanding of the needs and principles, we engage all interested parties, governments, non-governmental organizations, regulators and executive bodies in joining us in these challenges humanity is currently facing.

World Economies
Financial Markets
The future sustainability of the Human race,

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