Allan Sterling


Allan Sterling

Titles Held

Baron of Wyndham





Justice of the Peace since 2005 Ennobled as Baron of Wyndham (HRP) by HRH Prince Leonard of Hutt in 1998 Twice Knighted by Prince Leonard prior to this.
Grandmaster and co-founder of the Order of St Thomas of Acre (2005-present).
Knight Grand Cross of the Order of St Thomas of Acre Direct descendant (maternal line) of King Edward I (my 22GGF) by his daughter Joan of Acre. Direct descent through this line from Geoffrey Plantagenet, Duke of Normandy. A second line of descent from Geoffrey Plantagenet exists through his son Hamelin de Warenne, 4th Earl of Surrey.
Collateral descendant of King Richard the Lionheart (my 1st cousin, 23 times removed)

Living history, traditions, mediaeval and Victorian era history, military history, the Crusades, swords and firearms, reading, classic cars (Jaguars).

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