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Her full name is Danielle Nicole Bienvenu, Lady of Estons, or simply known as Lady Estons. Danielle’s life could almost be misconstrued for a novel itself. She began dancing and competing in pageants at three years old, professional modeling on runways and in print ads at ten, performing in a local theater company by ten, professional acting in pilots and commercials at twelve, wrote her first novel at fourteen, and subsequently published it at only seventeen years old. To date, she has sixteen published novels. Her publications include:

Against All Odds: The Ruby Princess (22 April 2004) Le Beau Coeur: The Beautiful Heart (17 February 2010) Sarah's Secret: Book One in the Desert Sands Series (5 February 2013) Running From My Shadow (31 January 2013) Once In A Lifetime (10 February 2013) The Gilded Mirror (6 February 2013) My Brother's Keeper (1 February 2013) Roberts, Dana; 21 (24 April 2016) Taming the Free Spirit (5 July 2016) The Right Kind of Perfect (11 April 2016) Escaping Lila (12 April 2016) The Elopement (11 April 2016) Changing Stripes (4 April 2016) He's Mental, That's Why! (2 April 2016) The Life of Virginia Wargenheimer (26 March 2016), and What Am I? Book One: Element Tsaddikim (15 October 2015).

Danielle is best known for her mystery and psychological thrillers, romance, suspense, poetic symbolism, and works against social injustices. Her genres range from thrillers, mystery, romance, historical fiction, drama, young adult satire, paranormal, poetry, nouveau romain, Christian, and novellas. Her works, no matter the genre, share a common thread: social consciousness. She is known as an avid reader matched by her love for writing and performing her own music.

Childhood and Young Adulthood

Danielle was born July 19, 1986, in Nederland, Texas, USA to Reverend Richard Paul Bienvenu, Sr. and Cathy Ann Howard. She is the only child of her mother and the youngest and only daughter of her father.

She has lived a multitude of lives in one: an international pageant winner, award-winning choreographer, dance teacher, ballerina in an English dance company, belly dancer, actress, model, a multilingual French and English teacher, a seasoned missionary, an international traveler, singer and songwriter, author, an intuitive detective for cold cases, volunteer and advocate for women’s rights and disability rights, and a life-long learner as evidenced by her many degrees.


MA International Law & International Relations from Oxford Brookes University, Headington, Oxfordshire, England 2014; BA French, Lamar University, USA 2012; BA Political Science, Lamar University, USA 2008; Minor in Creative Writing, Lamar University, USA 2008; Generalist EC-12 Teacher’s certification, Lamar University, USA 2012; National Security certificate, Harvard University, USA 2014; Justice certificate, Harvard University, USA 2013; Counter-Terrorism certificate, Georgetown University, USA, 2013; American Sign Language, Lamar University, USA 2019-2022. She is currently pursuing her MBA in Entrepreneurship & Marketing at her first alumni.

Danielle graduated from high school a year early, in 2003 with a perfect grade point average, by teaching herself home school from textbooks (her father taught her mathematics). She used her gap year to publish her first novel, Against All Odds: The Ruby Princess, and write a plethora of short stories, poems, and lyrics that would one day become published. When attending school, she was in Honors classes, ranking college level in all except Math, her least favorite subject. She excelled in performance choir, advanced art, science, history, English, and the like. Ironically, she was never allowed to study acting in school when she was a professional actress. Although she later attended university in England, she spent her formative years in Southeast Texas. It wasn’t until her sixteenth birthday that her mother took her to Europe, visiting nine countries; but it was in England where she decided to study one day at university. While in school she participated in cheerleading, student council, Bible club, 4-H fashion shows, archery, and was a student news announcer. Even as a child she was an activist, recruiting the neighborhood children to create picketing signs for animal rights and nature preservation at only six years old. Furthermore, founded and spearheaded Young Leaders of Jefferson County, a political club highlighting the importance of voting, and worked as a speechwriter for her father’s Justice of the Peace campaign in high school. It was at this pivotal moment Danielle met Texas Governor Rick Perry and Governor George W. Bush, the future 43rd President of the United States. During the summer, she delved into her love for history by volunteering as a junior guide at the McFaddin-Ward House Museum. Moreover, Danielle began snorkeling and scuba diving in Mexico with sharks and stingrays at ten years old, where she often spent summers. Also while in Mexico, Danielle saved a teenage girl from drowning while she was only eleven years old.
Her segway into modeling and acting began at three years old when she won overall in her first beauty pageant. She went on to win countless titles from local, state, national, and international competitions for twelve years. She began her dream of modeling on runway at eight years old and pursued professional modeling in print ads for Weiner’s, Oshman’s, and Academy with Page Parkes Intermedia and Bellissima modeling agencies. Her favorite form of modeling was runway. After acting in plays at her local theatre, at twelve Danielle began acting in commercials for Academy and in a pilot series for Warner Brothers beside Hillary Duff and Shelley Duvall (Dreams in the Attic) through Pastorini-Bosby acting agency. Her original love was dance and she knew it well: ballet, tap, jazz, pointe, lyrical, and hip-hop. Later in college and young adulthood, she would continue with salsa, ballroom, hula, Irish jig, pow wow, and belly dance. She became a hip-hop, ballet, tap, and character dance instructor and while living in England in 2013 she was selected as a ballerina in the Brookes Dance Company. After an injury to her knees, she withdrew from the dance company and, determined as ever to achieve another dream, taught herself acoustic guitar. She danced in some shape or form for the majority of her life.
She was a social butterfly as a child, however; once her parents divorced and subsequently divorced their spouses, she drew herself further into the world of books and began experimenting with writing. She began writing lyrics at seven years old and resumed it and poetry much later in her college years. While in college, Danielle participated in Lamar University Debate Team’s poetry division, the Model Arab League of Nations (delegate for Kuwait representing Women & Children’s rights), acted as Vice Chairman of the International Guest Committee for the Middle East, a peer advisor, held office as the French Club President for years, and a member of the Christian sorority Sigma Phi Lambda (of which she was voted as President and Vice President, declining). She enthusiastically began serving through Christian missions in college nationally and internationally. While her early childhood afforded her wealth, it was in her teenage years that Danielle experienced the harsh realities of poverty and being raised by single parents, sometimes unsure where the next meal would come from. She later utilized those moments to constructively impact children in poverty as an educator. Also as an educator, she sponsored an international club to promote an understanding of foreign cultures as well as a Bible club for students.

Advocacy & Humanitarian Efforts

Danielle is outspoken about being a voice for the voiceless whether human or animal and is a speaker on overcoming depression and suicide. Because of her past, Danielle has the unique ability to identify and relate with those currently in situations she has overcome. She has used her platform as a guest speaker at churches and as a motivational speaker for women’s conferences—in both the U.K. and U.S.A., to break the stereotype surrounding abuse and to increase educational awareness specifically within the faith community, where some are most vulnerable. After fleeing an attempt on her life, an abusive and dangerous marriage, and surviving rape and molestation, she sought to use her outlook on women’s rights by obtaining her Master’s degree in International Law and International Relations with an emphasis on Human Rights, specifically that of women and Indigenous peoples. Addressing the issue of abusive relationships, suicide, depression, and rape within the faith community is not always met with open arms nevertheless Danielle understands that for there to be a change it is imperative to discuss these topics and educate others. “If I had known the warning signs of abuse, of a potential rapist, if I had been educated about depression and suicide, I think my life would have been drastically different,” she notes. Additionally, she volunteered helping victims of domestic violence and rape in the U.S.A. obtain restraining orders and face their attackers in court, the very thing she wished she had mustered the courage to do for herself years prior.
Danielle is also a proud advocate for disabled persons, predominantly those with vocal disorders, deaf, and hard of hearing, life experiences she understands well. Danielle has a vocal disorder (Muscular Tension Dysphonia) and is also hard of hearing in tandem with disabilities such as Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and other complications from multiple car wrecks and injuries, thirty-seven conditions in total. She has hosted workshops teaching local churches American Sign Language to bridge gaps between hearing and hearing-impaired peoples in the U.S.A. Danielle has an extensive history of humanitarian outreaches including teaching English to underdeveloped rural communities in Sichuan Province, China, building youth centers in Belize, developing summer youth programs with the Pima Tribe of Arizona, and feeding the homeless in Galveston Island, Texas. While a member of Amnesty International at Oxford Brookes University, Danielle wrote campaign letters to free political prisoners in Indonesia. Forbye, she is candid about the need for better and more accessible healthcare within economically underprivileged, vocal disorder, deaf, hard of hearing, and disabled communities. She spent nearly three years in a wheelchair after incurring injuries in conjunction with losing her voice entirely for over a year before retraining herself to speak again. It was during this time that Danielle ceased performing music and teaching intuition classes. Her entire life changed. The lack of Sign Language interpreters and patient healthcare workers educated in voice disorders and hearing loss became glaringly obvious. Those experiences coupled with the inequality of health care treatment as an indigent fueled her convictions. Danielle is also a proud advocate for the dignity of Native American rights in the U.S.A. (sparked by her time with the Pima and her family tree) and animal adoption and prevention of animal cruelty (she adopted several pets from local kill shelters). Before her health floundered in 2016, Danielle founded Delightfully Divine, teaching intuition classes and on life before birth in Arizona, supplementing her performances as a singer-songwriter, and as a contractor for the U.S. Army. She divulged the belief that intuitive gifts are divine gifts from God and something for people to embrace so long as they serve for the better good of mankind, hence the name Delightfully Divine. This aspect of her was partially hidden until she unveiled it with her return to Texas where she sought to pay it forward by volunteering as a psychic detective aiding Texas detectives to solve cold cases. Her health may have thwarted her desire to rally as an international ambassador of peace and positive change with other international organizations, however; Danielle is committed to serving the world in multifaceted capacities as best she can from where she currently resides.

Countries & Languages

Danielle has visited or lived in a host of countries and territories, twenty-seven in full, including: Austria, Bahamas, Belgium, Belize, China, Choctaw Nation, England, France, Germany, Grand Caymans, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Lichtenstein, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Palestine, Pima Nation, Puerto Rico, Scotland, Switzerland, Taiwan, USA, and Vatican City.

Danielle is also a fervent polyglot and culture enthusiast—to the extent of teaching herself French in high school and American Sign Language when she lost her voice. Her love of linguistics fed her inclination to learn the following: English (native), French (fluent), American Sign Language (fluent), and some German, Spanish, Mandarin, and Hebrew.


In 2009 Danielle married and thereupon divorced in 2011, less than two years after enduring constant abuse and managing to escape with her life.


Her Ladyship suffered a miscarriage in 2010 on her second attempt to escape her ex-husband. She lovingly refers to her miscarried baby as Anna Leilani Seraphine or “Annie”. In 2021, Danielle conceived despite doctors informing her that she was unlikely to become pregnant. She gave birth to her daughter Geneviéve Gianina Lèonie Mirae Bienvenu of Estons on 5 September 2022. Geneviéve is the first and only heir to the Ladyship of Estons.


Danielle is known to quote James 1:17, “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights.” “I know what my life’s purpose is,” Danielle says, “It’s to show God’s love. If I can help one person, it’s all worth it.” Danielle uses the message of love and hope in her writing, music, and advocacy.


Danielle became legally known as the Lady of Estons in 2014 (alternatively written as Eston) at the age of twenty-seven years old while living in England. Although her life in England was brief, she considers it her second home. Her title Ladyship of Estons derives from Biggleswade with Stratton and Holme Parish in Bedfordshire, England. Lady Danielle's predecessor was Sir Erasmus de la Fontaine. Lady Danielle is descended from a branch of the Fontaine family on her paternal side. The title also holds historical connections to King Edward VI and King Henry VIII, relations on her maternal side. Lady Danielle is the tenth person to hold the title. She is descended from a plethora of royal houses around the world including:


The Holy Roman Empire, Dynasties of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales (House of Stuart [Stewart], House of Plantagenet, House of Lancaster, House of York, House of Tudor, House of Valois, House of Bruce), Ui Neill Dynasty of Ireland, Kingdom of Tara, Dynasties of Scotland (House of Bruce, Kingdom of Alba, Kingdom of Argyll, Kingdom of Atholl, Kingdom of Buchan, Kingdom of Bute, Kingdom of Caithness, Kingdom of Carrick, Kingdom of Dunbar, Kingdom of Fife, Kingdom of Lewis, Kingdom of Mann, Kingdom of Mar, Kingdom of Menteith, Kingdom of Moray, Kingdom of Orkney, Kingdom of Ross, Kingdom of Strathearn, Kingdom of Shetlands, Kingdom of Skye, Kings of Norway (House of St. Clair), Wales (Kingdom of Gwynedd), Dynasties of France (House of Capet, House of Valois, House of Artois, House of Brienne, House of Valois-Anjou [Kingdoms of Naples, Jerusalem, Sicily, Majorca, and Corsica], House of Lorraine, House of Burgundy, House of Plantagenet), Empire of Francia, Empire of Angevin, Imperial of Germany (House of Whittelsbach, Carolingian Dynasty), Dynasty of Bavaria (House of Wittelsbach, Carolingian Dynasty), Dynasty of Luxembourg (House of Luxembourg), Dynasty of Portugal (House of Braganza), Dynasties of Spain (Kingdom of Castille, Kingdom of Leon), Kingdom of Aargon

Latin America

Empire of Brazil and Dynasty of Brigantine (House of Braganza)

Middle East

Kingdom of Persia, Kingdom of Mesopotamia, Kingdom of Goshen, Kingdoms of Agade and Ur, Kingdom of Babylon, Kingdom of Geshur, Kingdom of Lagash, Kingdoms of Israel and Judah, Kingdom of Ammon, Kingdom of Phoenicia.

For her eighteenth birthday, Lady Danielle received her personalized coat of arms from the Herald of France, Frédéric Luz, who would later become Prince Frédéric d’Arucanie et de Patagonie of the Mapuche in Peru. She also met and quickly became friends with Her Royal Highness Princesse Mambo of the Tikar in Cameroon and Nigeria in 2016 while deliberating the Princesse’s initiative for education in rural communities. Furthermore, in 2020 Lady Danielle analyzed economic systems with Emperor Jonas I of Lauwiner Empire. She currently promotes charities as a Dame of the Knights of the Royal Oak, originally founded by Charles II of England in 1660.


Danielle currently resides in Texas with her daughter and rescue dog Sheba. She belly dances with swords and teaches intuition classes as able.

Psychology, astronomy, genetics, genealogy, quantum physics, medicine, biology, history, physics, palaeontology, anthropology, archaeology, linguistics, human rights, international law, international relations, traveling, writing, reading, poetry, song writing, music, guitar, singing, dancing, salsa, belly dancing and sword dancing, learning, photography, animal rescues, board games, advocacy, nature, volunteer work, social justice, women and children's rights, Indigenous peoples rights, inspirational stories, modelling, acting, pageants, choreography, comedy, museums, art, archery, swimming, theatre, motivational speaking, intuition, missions, and my relationship with Jesus Christ.

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