Darren Graham Ashford


Darren Graham Ashford

Titles Held

Lord Ardmore, Lord Hastings of Eddleston/Peebles, Lord Pierrepoint-Archer, Lord of Hogun, Laird of Blairadam Fyfe, Lord of Glencoe and Knight of Sealand




Hong Kong

For most successful people people such as myself who are constantly reading in order to gain new knowledge and understanding of a variety of topics. Reading articles and books related to your field can help you stay current on the latest methods and trends in the industry. I have also found that in most cases that for myself that reading is associated unfamiliar topics can help you learn new information. Additionally, I have found that reading about topics that interest myself have given me more insight can be fun and can be relaxing too.

2. Exercising
I have also discovered and also found that most people who appreciate and understand the value of keeping their bodies and mind healthy and strong. I have found that exercise is a terrific way to activate my brain and keeps myself focused on my daily tasks. Additionally, working out also helps strengthen my cognitive functions and can reduce stress and anxiety. Other successful people generally go to sleep early and wake up early, so providing one's body with routine physical activity so that I am able to achieve and have a better rest at night. Furthermore, working out can boost my self-confidence, which may myself to better accept challenges and take more risks that a I normally wouldn't take on otherwise.

3. Promoting positivity
Another of my routine habits as seen in other successful people is that I surround myself with other positive social interactions on a consistent daily basis. As with many other successful people who are typically optimistic people themselves and as they project such positivity to others. In addition, like many other successful people I have formed and consistently do maintain meaningful relationships with family, friends and individuals in their professional networks accordingly too, as well.

4. Preserving work-life balance
I have seen also can reiterate that in any role, it is important to sustain a proper work-life balance in order to avoid burnout and remain engaged within in one's position. I have found that like other successful, people I can understand there is an importance of preserving the work-life balance, which will end one's workday at a set time and thereby spend therefore the remainder of the day relaxing and enjoying the company of friends and family.

5. Keeping track of ways they can improve Like most other successful people therefore I feel that there is a need to constantly look for improvements which can help improved aspects of my self development and making it prevalent in my professional positions. For example, I normally may make a list of the different ways that I can streamline work processes and or list out many more efficient ways that I can conduct my business meetings. Nevertheless, like most other proficient people I am constantly am looking for ways to better myself, personally and professionally.

Related: 6 Good Workplace Habits to Help You Succeed in Your Career 6. For myself I have consistently looked for ways to improve on and establish my effective network with older clients and those interested in my services. Like most other successful people my innate ability to build an effective network is something I am consciously working on daily. In this regard I am consistently looking for ways to connect to a range of other professionals who can help me with finding new opportunities. I have fund this incredibly valuable to establish a functional network. Likewise, I've found that my upgraded network has been constructed, it is important to maintain and nurture those connections over time., through client offers, database upgrade and a range of STEM solutions.

7. Giving to others
I have worked hard to be able to help successful people and ensure in that they are typically helping those in need. In this way, by giving to others may include volunteer work or donating money to certain charities or organizations. In either case, I'm consistently looking for ways to help others which is a great way to interact with other people and become involved within the community.

8. Helping others to diversify income
Most of the time, like other successful people I have aimed to diversify my income, meaning they I rely on more than one method of income. I have helped other individuals to look outside of their job but also be invested in real estate or other industries. By diversifying different aspects of such income one can look to add multiple income streams to your finances, that can be helpful especially when you suddenly lose one or more of those sources of income.

9. Prioritizing professional development I have consistently looked for ways to improve on my professional development and also look to seek out opportunities to grow my career. Engaging in professional development seminars, training and courses I can then help other's to learn new skills that you I can utilize in my job. Additionally, professional development allows one to build upon all respective avenues tk strengthen the skills that I have already established. Furthermore, professional development provides opportunities to network with other professionals in the field, and in this way the projected successes achieved to date has helped, me to empower others and their associated work too.

10. Encouraging and accepting feedback
Another habit that I have been consciously working on in order to be a more empathetic successful person is the ability to encourage others and also to be able to accept feedback. I feel that in any role, that through encouraging feedback one can help others see and discover a variety of ways to be more effective within their job. Additionally, I have found that it shows other employees that you are inviting honest conversations about your position and that you are accepting all aspects feedback you receive, in order to empower my work team. The similar process is utilized to empower and through effective dialogue, increases the success of my students, and those others that I interreact with me, Inspirational statement: When I reflect over my achievements particularly in the last 3 years in achieving and being awarded high honours for my Masters in Advanced Teaching and research (STEAM Education) and in advocating tirelessly to ensure equality of human rights for the Galpu, Yognglu people of Eastern Arnhem land, there are certain goals I've achieved and am very proud of. On further reflection I would state that, and in accordance with the work from Elisabeth Elliot, " Think of the self that God has given as an acorn. It is a marvellous little thing, a perfect shape, perfectly designed for its purpose, perfectly functional. Think of the grand glory of an oak tree. God’s intention when He made the acorn was the oak tree. His intention for us is ‘… the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.’ Many deaths must go into our reaching that measure, many letting-goes. When you look at the oak tree, you don’t feel that the loss’ of the acorn is a very great loss. The more you perceive God’s purpose in your life, the less terrible the losses seem." I feel this quote represents the struggles I've particularly faced over the last 4 years during the perceived pandemic, and the immeasurable work we had achieved through local courts, supreme and the High Courts of Queensland , and the Darwin Northern Territory, in enforcing "ethical approaches" to dealing with the indigenous tribes in the region. We were able to secure the majority of sovereign land in the Arnhem region and working tirelessly to setup 2 annexed micronations, whilst improving health, educational services in the Region. We also worked with legal authorities and the Stolen Arts division of Interpol France in returning some of the art works from both the Galpu and Yong glu peoples with several placed on notice. Essentially the final stages of annexure for the Royal Kingdom of Galpu, and of ongoing establishment of a people's bank to empower the regional Indigenous, communities and other Australia is something of a legacy. When I think of the Acorn leading to the solid tempest of an Oak tree I have been scarred and battered by trials and tribulations to help the Australian and Indigenous Australian, people. I have faced my fears and learned to place more blind faith and trust in the Holy God (3 in 1). I believe that my acceptance into the Knights of the Royal Oak, will ensure that my soul of chivalry and bark of my oaken experiences in life, will refine my timber in the prolific evolving tree, empowered by Lore and Mother Nature, and glory. I know that given the right support and environment, my pledge and quest of loyalty won't be denied and I would pledge to work with you immediately. Thanks you and God Bless.

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