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David Sellers

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Lord of Whitwell-on-the-Hill


Workington, Cumbria


United Kingdom

Ripples in time.

When I was a young teenager, I had the occasion to rescue a younger lad from an incoming sea tide. At Cleethorpes I think it was, I've often wondered
what became of him, what family he went on to have, what job etc.

When I was a young man, say around 25yrs old, I came across two young ladies in distress and stranded on the roadside with a broken down car.
It was on the busy "Heads of the Valleys" road in South Wales and all other cars and drivers just sailed on past them, seemingly not giving
them a thought. I pulled over to see what the problem was and if I could help. Turns out their fan belt had broken which was a quick and easy
enough fix. In those days, c1980, I carried such as a spare fan belt in my boot which I quickly fixed for them and got them back on their way home
to their parents. I sometimes wonder if my random act of kindness has caused them to 'pay it forward' in their lives at all.

What I want to say is, "We never know... We just never know how we may affect the lives of others, by a kind or encouraging word here, or a
smile there".

While flying home from abroad and settled into my window seat before take-off a young lady asked me if she could have the window seat. I of course said, "yes" and then took up the aisle seat. As we were thundering down the runway I realised that she was crying, petrified! So I just leaned over and put my hand on hers until we were safely in the air. Not a word passed between us until we came in to land and I kept an eye on her. Again, clearly petrified, so when we landed I simply smiled at here and said, "well done" (not sure she spoke English. This happened on a flight in the Ukraine).

Simple acts of everyday kindness, which, if each of us did at least one every day, oh, what a different place this world might be.

To paraphrase General Maximus Decimus Meridius of Gladiator fame: "What we do and say now echoes throughout eternity".
Ripples In Time...


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