Garry Clarke


Garry Clarke

Titles Held

Lord of Esthorpe


Cromwell Otago


New Zealand

The Judeo-Christian ethics taught to me as a child together with gems of wisdom from my part Native American father have inspired me to esteem the values of humility, selflessness and service, respect for nature, patience, gratitude and respect for elders. I have endeavoured to be guided by these values in my life. Service to others gives me great satisfaction and led me to work with the UN, Governmental and Non Governmental agencies to provide aid to least developed countries and developing small island states around the world.
My area of expertise is in severe weather forecasting, natural disaster planning and mitigation and emergency communications. As such I have been part of a team educating countries as to their natural disaster risks and providing guidance on lessening this risk and protecting life and property. I have been involved with strengthening warning systems for tropical cyclones, typhoons, tornadoes, tsunamis, flooding and volcanic ash. This has required installing high speed communication systems into remote communities as diverse as a small Sahara Desert village, remote tropical atoll villages, and tropical rain forest villages.
As these communication systems have downtime between the broadcast of natural disaster forecasts and warnings we have partnered with other agencies who are able to use the systems without cost during free periods to broadcast education, health and agricultural information to help with the development of these remote communities and improve their standard of living.
In the Pacific Islands I have been a first responder in times of natural disasters. Flying in with a relief team to provide assistance and help to restore essential services. Although retired now I still offer my advice if required and donate to aid agencies working with remote communities mainly in the Pacific Islands.

British and North American History. Genealogy. DNA for ancestry. Football (Soccer) especially the English Premier League. Weather and climate. Radio and satellite communications.

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