Heidi Cardona


Heidi Cardona

Titles Held

Baroness of Poorstock; Lady of Baldersdale


Aiken, South Carolina



I have served in the United States Army for ten years. Within those ten years I have travelled to over 28 countries and got to experience many cultures. There was one thing that was consistent in all the places that I have been and that was happiness and family. It didn’t matter where you came from, what you grew up with, how much money you have then or now. Family no matter how big or small is all we have in life. Friends come and go, acquaintances come and go but family is forever. Family is what makes us happy.

I especially learned this during the COVID-19 pandemic when we were home constantly with our loved ones. We grew closer than we ever were before because we didn’t have the distractions of the outside activities interrupting all the time. We started to learn more about each other than what we would have known. Before the pandemic we were hardly home, always at work, going to after school programs and activities and during the weekend we were getting ready for the next week. Where was the fun? No where. Slowing down and living the simple life made things a lot nicer and happier. As an American we were living to work not working to live. That is not life. Live your best life! Don’t work yourself to death because your job is not worth it. If something happened to you and you lost your job that job is easily refillable by another, your life isn’t.

Slow down, live life, be happy.

I enjoy reading, cooking and interior designing.

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