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I've been married for 25 years to an Army officer who retired last year about 38 years of service. Six months ago I fell and broke both of my arms. My husband was still doing retirement things and I was alone in a new, empty house for a week, no groceries, no help. I cried every night but I made it. I'm a survivor. Now I am representing Alabama in a senior women's pageant. As for family history, I am a big believer that we need to learn about our ancestors and pass that knowledge to others. Solving the mystery of one of my ancestors and finding a long, interesting history something I am excited about. At least one Royalist was an ancestor, with a long family tree in Herefordshire, while others went to London and apprenticed and joined guilds, and a few came to the Virginia Colony during the 17th century, eventually resulting in me!

Genealogy, cats, traveling, swimming, boating, Royal/British history, American Civil War, midcentury architecture, tea rooms, lighthouses.

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