James Brannan


James Brannan

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Embracing the endeavour of assisting a father with his battle with depression, I have aspire to break the chains of social stigma, extend unwavering support, and advocate for mental health in the community around me, ensuring that every person receives the understanding and resources needed to lead a fulfilling and empowered life.
An accomplishment I'm most proud of is the forming of a small group that functions as a welcoming space, where open conversations and empathy flourish, creating an environment free from judgment and stigma. I give free counseling sessions, offering valuable resources and coping strategies to those in need.
Despite its size, this group serves as a powerful beacon of hope, igniting positive change and support within the local community.

Excelsior! (Higher, always upward!)

Sports. Sustainable living. Helping those with special needs & mental health problems.

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