John Payne


John Payne

Titles Held

Lord of Hougun Manor, Knight Grand Cross of the Temple of Jerusalem


Bishop Auckland, County Durham



I am from a family who have dedicated their lives to the service of others. We have a strong connection with the armed services and the NHS. My grandfather was wounded at the Somme while serving as a sniper in the Canadian army. My father served as a surveyor in the Royal Artillery. I served in the army for twenty years and am a veteran of Northern Ireland conflict and the first Gulf War (desert storm). I have also worked in the voluntary sector and in health services. I earn my living with prostate cancer and support cancer charities. I also support charities for homeless people. I work as a mental health professional in private practice but also help people with mental health issues on a pro bono basis. My grandfather and grandmother were my main inspirations for helping people.

Dog walking, cycling, reading, travel, history

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