Jonathan German-Morris


Jonathan German-Morris

Titles Held

Lord of Ainderby Quernhow


Powys, Wales


United Kingdom

At one time I thought that being right and 'leading' from the front' was the best way. Now, more experienced, I know that the quiet approach, bringing character and honour to every situation, works better than any other approach. The right word or deed, at the right moment, done with kindness and humility, can change all things for the better. The best compliment ever given to me was that I had made a difference by being me and being there. The finest leadership and the most effective change is brought to fruition by quiet and unassuming character. It is best not to push to the front, nor dazzle with achievement. Better to quietly influence and, through consistency and goodness, have an influence on those you meet.

Business Change, Cookery, Preserving, Joinery, Classical Soul Jazz and Swing music, playing the saxophone, Reading widely.

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