Jörg Hubert Dumke


Jörg Hubert Dumke

Titles Held

Baron of North Cadbury and Lord of Blakewell and Codiford Farleigh


Bergisch Gladbach



It has always been my concern to help others and to develop others. That is why I work professionally as a head in a church preschool to support children in their development.
Privately, as Baron of North Cadbury I published my website many years ago. This was noticed by the chairman of North Cadbury Village Hall committee. He asked for a donation for maintenance works that were necessary on the hall. I was then very happy to contribute to this on several occasions for the benefit of the village community there. Eventually my wife the Baroness of North Cadbury and I was invited there twice. This was a great honour and inspiration for us to help others an we are very proud about this.
Furthermore, my wife and I are members of the Schloss Burg an der Wupper (Burg Castle, Solingen, Germany) building association for the preservation of this historic castle.
In this social sense, I commit myself to supporting my wife and all my friends, and also to giving support to charitable institutions and organisations. I stand for this with all my heart and my person as Baron of North Cadbury and Knight of the Royal Oak.

Since my youth I have been very connected to England and Britain and interested in the history, the culture, the people and the monarchy. I love (almost) everything British. I am interested in English cars, but I also love the excellent British cuisine, which is better than its reputation. Collecting is a great passion of mine, very English I think.

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