Linda Thompson


Linda Thompson

Titles Held

Lady of Tingrith and Moorhouse


North Carolina



I am from a long line of family in service to others; mostly medical or military, of which I am happy to have continued in both areas of service. I am a U.S. Army, Gulf War Era Veteran and a Registered Nurse specializing in the Operating Room as a Circulator/Scrub/First Assistant in surgery.

I have had my share of difficult years and strive to set an example for others not to let their trials and tribulations in life define them, yet use the experiences to overcome, inspire, and become who you truly are. Experiences shape us, but do not define us. I believe in the quote by Benjamin Frankin, "What I am to be, I am now becoming." Always strive for learning, growth, and develop personally and professionally into something and someone beautiful...and remember to pay it forward!

Reading, Heritage, Nursing

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