Majid Hussain


Majid Hussain

Titles Held


Greater Manchester


United Kingdom

I generally work across the UK as well as internationally having delivered consultancy projects, research papers and project delivery/management in places such as Spain, Poland, Cyprus, Portugal, Italy, Jordan, Turkey amongst other international locations. I have worked on a variety of projects working with governmental departments, NGO’s, businesses and private companies. I currently have business interests in consultancy, the third sector and real estate.
I have also been involved in the youth and community voluntary sector for over 20 years. I regularly work on community development projects focussing on issues around youth, poverty, wellbeing, UN Sustainable Development Goals etc.
I am proud of my achievements in the community sector. During the covid pandemic I worked on a number of projects such as wellbeing walking groups and tackled food poverty by providing food parcels to those in need as well as supporting local food banks.
I have a passion for travel, ancient history and reading. If I could provide one piece of advice to someone it would be ‘the world is yours’ inspiring people to be all that they can be.

British heritage and history, ancient history, community development, business, entrepreneurship, travel, reading, charity work

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