Markian Morozevich of Lviv (Postumous)


Markian Morozevich of Lviv

Titles Held

Squadron Commander, 24th Mechanized Brigade, Armed Forces of Ukraine, Order of St. Bernard of Siena





Missing in action since March, 2022, Markian led his troops in defence of a main road leading into the besieged town of Popasna. When attacked by a force greatly superior in men and equipment, he demonstrated chivalry and valour, by sacrificing his own well-being to cover the successful tactical withdrawal of his troops. Lest we forget.

An outstanding heroic volunteer in the 2014 Russo-Ukrainuan War, and a 2021 graduate from military academy. Dedicated to the principle of freedom, with a strong loyalty instinct, and interests in professional development, history and the performing arts.

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