Nicolas Maurel-Lalague


Nicolas Maurel-Lalague

Titles Held

Earl of Hereford, Baron of Curry Malet, Marquess of Reichenbach, Lord of Lochaber and Pryors




Nouvelle Aquitaine

From a very young age, my grandmother showed me that everyone should be treated the same way.
that it was necessary to take up the cause for the weakest and the most defenceless.

I have four godchildren two girls, two boys in various countries, I pay their studies. I cover their needs.
I give multiple associations every month. and I save a lot of animals through local and national associations
or international. At home I have adopted about 40 cats, a dog, a few hedgehogs .... all were under threat of death.

I also have a family of 6 refugees who live in one of my apartments.

I am also from the Scottish highland titles reserve which reforests, saves local animals and preserves these beautiful lands.

In France via d'Artagnan I am co-owner, Co Châtelain of 5 castles, we try to save them, to revive them, to preserve them.

Reading, tv series, animals - Although I cannot speak English Google translate is a very useful tool.

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