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A member of a poor family, who left school at 16 years in 1974 with no qualifications, I joined the Army. Quickly recognising the need for personal development, the next 30 years culminated in 3 postgraduate degrees. By the 1990's I was engaged in active citizenship as Chair of both local and city wide, Housing Liaison Boards within Birmingham, UK.

Since 2004, I have been lead carer for four looked after children. In 2006 I qualified as a Maths teacher in England and focused on those with Special Educational Need and learning Difficulties. I was briefly a Parish Councillor in my village until ill health forced me to retire completely. Now severely disabled, I continue to mentor Looked After Children in my care, going beyond my 'duty of care' expectations. I have been a Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts, manufactures and commerce since 2015.

I have learned one thing in life. If you suddenly wake up one morning with a vision to improve yourself and others, remember; The only thing holding you back is, you. Once you take the small first step on the path to success, there will be many others along the route who are ready and willing to 'Guide, Energise and Excite you'. To steal the words of Shakespeare 'I dare do all that be a man, he who doth more is none'. May the good Lord bless your Journey and if he leads you to me for online inspiration, please feel free to message me.

Social Change, Special Educational Needs, Environmental and risk management. Christianity.

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