Richard John Kozak


Richard John Kozak

Titles Held

Baron of Ewyas Harold, Lord of Ponsford, Bernardsmoor, Shoddesden and Chilton, Order of St. Bernard of Siena


Lviv Oblast



The greatest compliment I ever heard was given to my father, by the clergyman officiating at his funeral: "He was a humble man." And indeed, he never used titles granted by countries that had opted to become republics; he earned widespread respect in Canada by campaigning for improved living standards for the working poor; and still more respect for promoting Canada's World War II effort to the initially unenthusiastic trade unions. When he passed away, his coffin was carried by Members of the Canadian Senate. My father's example is my own aim, for I can do no better.

I've had the good fortune of an education and political position allowing me to promote economic development, and take aim against victimization of the weak. Plus, it's a long-standing pleasure to assist in the betterment of the performing arts. Of course, we all have to re-invest ourselves on occasion, so history and a sense of duty have brought me to my ancestral home, where I participate with some success in the defence of basic freedoms.

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