Robert W Knight


Robert Knight

Titles Held

Lord of Knighton and Temple Chelsin


Dunklin, Missouri



I believe in and embrace the Apostles creed. I enjoy a balanced journey of servitude to my Lord. My walk is shaped in a pragmatic fashion tempered by experience, a learned history, and of tradition. My professional life has been dedicated predominantly toward the holistic concerns of my fellow man. This contribution has been exacted in the form of military, public and private vocational service.

Family motto: Nunquam non paratus! Never not ready.
Personal motto: Omnia ad gloriam Dei / Omne vas quod fictum est contra bene sit mihi Dominus ! All for the glory of God / No weapon formed against my Lord shall prosper!

Valued accomplishment: Acting in the professional capacity of a single pilot helicopter aeromedical captain, I have safely and successfully completed over 2500 critically injured patient flights.

Christianity, student of human behaviour, American and British history, early feudal period studies, politics, radio electronics, early feudal period studies, aviation, current events, world politics, economics, cooking, crafts, fishing, kayaking, hunting, old radio, old movies, solicitude.

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