Kevin Norris


Kevin Norris

Titles Held

Grand Master, Earl of Northumbria




United Kingdom

From my earliest memory I have suffered from severe anxiety, depression, and Aspergers Syndrome.  I also have arthritis in my spine and various other parts of my body which gives me chronic pain. Despite these disabilities, five days a week I spent an hour a day working out hard in the gym and go to work in the family business. As well as supporting my family, I also support various charities that are close to my heart.  I try to demonstrate to my sons that they should never give up, play to their strengths and should share their good fortune with others.

I love classic cars but my disabilities mean I can't look after one. Music of all varieties, I am even listening to the Eurovision album of 2022. Sudoku - I am autistic and doing number puzzles I find extremely relaxing. My potting shed - this is the nickname my children came up with for my remote office. It is a converted water pumping station and runs completely off-grid. Not only do I fill it with all sorts of collectables but each year I like to plan and execute an improvement. This year I am having the building super-insulated (sitting in a 50 acre field is harsh during the depths of winter) and erecting fences down each side of the site. A few years ago i planted hedgerow bushes as an effective means of security and the new fences will stop the encroach of weeds from the surrounding fields. These are not your common all-garden weeds they are 8' brambles and stinging nettles.

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