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Stephen Roberts

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Lord of Backstone





My wife and I started a charity Organisation in Botswana Southern Africa titled 'Orphans and Vulnerable Children' (OVC) that helps fund and supports children who are orphaned due to AIDS. Botswana is particularly badly affected because besides their own AIDS population, they get thousands of migrants from Zimbabwe. We visit as regularly as we can and the warmth we get from seeing the children eating their one staple meal per week gives us a warm feeling which lasts for weeks. I tend to feel selfish as it gives me more in return than they get from us and our sponsor friends.
I am a British Citizen who has lived in many countries and spent the majority of my life in South Africa and the one man who has inspired me is Nelson Mandela and I would like to end by using a quote from him which inspires me daily:
"A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination".

Spending time with family; world travel; entrepreneurship; golf; historical heritage (traced my ancestors back to Stephen, King of the Gypsies; paying forward my blessings.

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