Steven Whithalgh


Steven Whithalgh

Titles Held

16th Lord of Whithalgh


Egremont, Cumbria


United Kingdom

Fear has two meanings; ‘face everything and run’ or ‘Face everything and rise’
Rising isn’t always an easy route, overcoming adversary and dealing with an issue is, more often than not’ not the easier path.
I was in the police for 12 years, I’d just started to get back into fitness, completing obstacle courses and enjoying becoming more fit. When an old injury needed surgery, sometime after this I left the Police and started to become more and more unwell, eventually being diagnosed with M.E. The fatigue was debilitating, and most days still is, my easier way of dealing with this was to accept the hand I had been dealt and stop working. With the help of my dog (most amazing assistant I’ve ever had, better than any physio) I got myself moving a little more each week and back to a stage where I can still work. The issues are still there but my life is richer now I have rose up and have purpose again. My quality of life is now of a high standard and I’m improving on it step by step. Sometimes I take a few steps back but soon get back to where I was.
I’m now hoping to get more involved with charities and hopeful for more involved roles in the future.
I always try to rise up above an adversary, whatever form that may take. Although your future might change and not be as planned, it doesn’t mean it can be any less worthwhile.

Walking, animals, charity endeavours, the sea, ancient sites and history of monarchy.

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