Terence William Clark


Terence William Clark

Titles Held

Flight Lieutenant RAFVR Retired





Starting at age 16, encouraging aviation development in youth via the Air Training Corps and actively flying young people for the purpose of air experience from the age of 16 by taking them up in giliders.
When I later became an Air Ttraffic Controller, helping to assist less experienced pilots to develop their skills in aviation to enable them the develop their careers in aviation.
I was an Air Traffic Controller for 34 years after I qualified, followed by a further 8 years as a Flight Information Service Officer where I continued to provide services to pilots to enable them to fly safely.
During my period serving with the Air Training Corps (I was in command of No 1811 [Marlow] Sqdn) my wife and I were privileged to be invited by the Lord Chamberlain to attend a Royal Garden Party in the presence of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace.

Flying, shooting. Since finding the details of the KRO, I have acquired one or two items of coinage.
One of these is an original King Charles II silver Crown dated 1662 and the other is a 'proof' coin recently minted of a King Charles II 5 guinea piece dated 1672 which is actually gold plated sterling silver.
Maybe other Knights would be interested in these items? They can be obtained via the Royal Mint website.

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