Tony Williams


Tony Williams

Titles Held

Lord of the Manor of Packwoods, Chancellor of the Royal House of Gbi Hohoe Ahado





I currently serve as the Chancellor of the Royal House of Gbi Hohoe Ahado (Ghana) where I have dedicated the last year to helping bring clean water and school supplies to remote populations. I also serve as the Chaplain of my Masonic Lodge and Vice Noble Grand of my Odd Fellows Lodge where we work to improve our communities in various ways. I am the Treasurer and Scholarship Chairman of the House of Gordon USA and have helped young people interested in Highland Dance and Games via financial support.

My passion is to use my blessings and talents to help others. By investing in the youth of today, we can insure that the leaders of tomorrow are equipped to lead.

Over a 22 year military career, I have received many honors and due to my humanitarian and community services, I have been honored by various Dynastic and Royal Houses with Knightly Honors.

Humanitarian, Genealogy, History, Politics

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