Aims and Benefits


  • To celebrate Britain, its history and its values
  • To inspire by example so as to improve Knight’s lives and that of others
  • To create a network of friendship that breaks down geographic, religious and socio-economic boundaries
  • To support the legal rights of manorial Lordship and feudal Barony Title holders.


  • Members may refer to themselves and other members as Knights or Dames when interacting with guild members. The guild does not wish to be a meaningless organisation. We wish members to take pride in their achievements, share these with others to inspire them and take pride in their membership of the Knights of the Royal Oak
  • Private forums to get to know Knights from all walks of life and from across the world. By becoming a Knight, you will be able to meet interesting people who will have a shared love of all things British.  You may notice that many of the Knights are titled.  They are all very approachable so please get to know them and we are sure you will find the friendship both enjoyable and rewarding.
  • Add KRO to your name. BY adding KRO after your name you will be showing your kinship with the other Knights of the Royal Oak. You may also check to ensure the user of the letters is a true Knight by checking the Roll of Knights.
  • A limited membership of just 687 Knights. Charles II rewarded 687 of the English landed gentry for supporting him in his period of exile. We continue to honour this number by restricting the membership to this level.
  • Inspire others with your own Inspirational Statement. In order to become a Knight applicants must submit an Inspirational Statement about what drives them or what they have achieved with their lives.
  • Promote a charity close to your heart. Recruit other Knights to support your charities.
  • On this day…..  Cast you mind back to years gone by to learn what happened on that day. A great way to increase your general knowledge in small bites.
  • An amusing/thought provoking quotation each day. Lighten your day with an amusing/thought provoking quotation from the past.
  • Regular articles on “All Things British”. Articles will be from past or present, but all will celebrate the character/achievements of the British.
  • Challenge a Knight to a game of skill. We will set up a private arena for two Knights to play a game of skill from opposite sides of the globe. We will initially offer chess but after ironing out any issues hope to offer challenges to other games of skill.
Knights Of The Royal Oak
In Mensure Hominus