Charity Work

We encourage our Knights to write a small promotional piece for a charity that is close to their heart.

Knights – in order to add your charity, please email us at

SPONSOR THOSE IN NEED – Nicolas Maurel-Lalague

I am particularly touched by the sans
Defence, victims, those left behind
The injustices .
I am godfather to 4 children from very poor countries
I finance their life and studies.
I am a sponsor of many animal associations.
Godfather of 6 wolves, horses, dogs, Hedgehog cats and more.
I am a member of nature reserves in scotland.
I am a member and co-owner of 6 castles in France, one in Scotland, for restoration and preservation.
I lend an apartment to a family of 6 refugees
And still a lot.
Being lucky enough to be born well and to have a little
Fortune, my duty is to share, to help
Those who have not had my luck.
I'm not to be congratulated I can't help myself
To prevent.

ENGAGING AND CARING FOR THOSE IN NEED – Jonathan, Lord of Ainderby Quernhow

We support the local Homeless charity in mid-Wales. We buy them a gas bottle refill for their heater most months and donate food and clothing regularly. Their support for the local community includes a warm space and meals on their premises for anyone who wants warmth and food. To help with this, my wife and I regularly give them a supermarket voucher to buy the food for these meals.


Christmas time is difficult for some families in the area and across the world. I am proud to say we were able to buy several Crisis at Christmas ‘seats’ and also give some support to Education for Africa and the World Wildlife Fund last year.


To be human is to care. The first step is to engage with those who can help you make a difference. If you can, find out who is making a difference in your area and give them some practical support!


We make a monetary donation to our local food bank.  Emma (my wife) is an active member of her church and has seen first hand how the current massive increase in bills has affected people.  Out of fear for losing their utilities people are paying their bills but it is leaving them with very little money for food.  It is abhorrent that in this day and age that people in affluent countries are starving.  It is bad enough that this happens in poor countries but when one family can afford many luxuries it is not right that some of their neighbours cannot feed their children.


We decided to donate money instead of food so that they can use it to fill in gaps where donations of food are lacking.


Why not look up your local food bank’s web site and pay a monthly standing order.  If your circumstance changes you can either reduce it, or if you have been fortunate and increased your income, share your good fortune.  Also remember that at Christmas and Easter when you are enjoying the excesses of the season it would be nice to make a one off payment to the Food Bank.


We have always encouraged our children to be charitable so if you have children old enough to join in the process you can teach them to be the supporters of the future.


I am sure you will have a food bank near you so please see if you can help them.