In Mensura Hominus – The Measure of Man

The Knights’ motto sums up a key element of becoming a Knight of the Royal Oak.

Being a member of the Knights of the Royal Oak stands for something. A key element of this is for each Knight to maintain an Inspirational Statement. This may reflect an ethos by which the Knight lives by, a person that inspires them (and why), or their greatest achievement.

Upon joining the Knights applicants will provide an initial Inspirational Statement. This is published on the website for all to see. We encourage Knights to look at each other’s Inspirational Statements and get ideas of how to improve theirs. An Inspirational Statement can be updated at any time by emailing the KRO Office.


Please feel free to read as many Inspirational Statements as you have time for.

Guidance for Inspirational Statements

Your Inspirational Statement should only be a few sentences long. Readers will want to get the message as quick as possible before moving onto the next. We can provide an editing service in order to make your Inspirational Statement a manageable size.

  • Who is your role model, either living or dead, and what is it that makes you look up to them?
  • Regular donations to charity; financial and/or in your time
  • How someone benefits from your time
  • How you live with a disability or long-term illness
  • A successful career
  • A physical or mental achievement
  • Your positive influence over an employee/friend/family member
  • How you have turned a mistake into a positive e.g. getting out of serious debt
  • How you have fought through adversity
  • How you have used your success for the benefit of others
  • Achieved an elected office
  • Service to a public office

These are just ideas; the important element is for the Statement to reflect what makes you feel good about yourself or what drives you.  We hope that by showing what is possible it will inspire others to improve the quality of their lives.

In Mensure Hominus